Why You Must Have A Morning Routine ?

Posted on Dec 20, 2019 by B&B
morning routine

What is a morning routine and why is it important to have one ?

How you start your morning sets the rest of your day. When you’re off to a bad start, the rest of the day seems to follow in the same bad pattern, don’t you think so ?

They say that if a negative event happens first thing in the morning you are more likely to think in a negative way for the rest of the day.

So how do you start your day ?

The most common answer is, I wake up and rush through. Getting ready and into the car, straight to work. If you have kids it is even worse. You have to rush yourself and convince your little munchkins to rush as well which could be a real struggle.

Well, as hard as this can sound, try to wake up a bit earlier. I know, it is hard but try, you will soon see the benefits and won’t be able to imagine how your life was before that. Setting up a morning routing is a real blessing and could change your life forever. We are not only talking about a skin care routine here, which is very important, but we are talking about a full blown routine that sets your mind to welcome the day ahead positively and achieve your goals.

So here we go :

  1. Start with AlFAJER Prayers, and do not rush through it. Take the time to focus, engage your mind and not think about anything else. If you do not pray then take the time to meditate. Quite your mind and fully engage.
  2. Read the Quran. Even if it was only two pages.
  3. Say your prayers (Dua’a) talk to God tell him what you want and know inside your heart that he will grant you what you ask for.
  4. Go through your morning skin care routine. Yes you have to and yes it is important and NO do not skip it. Your skin will thank you. ( Skin care routine is discussed in another blog post )
  5. Go through your written list of affirmations ( things you want to happen ) and visualize them actually happening to you for real.  ( How to write affirmations is discussed in another blog post )
  6. Do a 5 minute breathing. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and exhale. More oxygen can enter into your system.
  7. Write in your journal . What to write ? your thoughts, your goals, your dreams ! Anything that comes to your mind in the morning. Jot it Down. No expectations, no right or wrong answers. Even if it was just a few sentences. Go ahead and do it.
  8. Exercise. Even if it was a 20 minute walk around the block. Get your body moving and your blood flowing.

I understand this could be overwhelming. You may think no way, I’m going to do all of this before I start my day. Discipline yourself to follow a morning routine for the first two weeks, after that you will not be able to miss a day.

You will be surprised to see how things start to change in your life. Trust Me !

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