Why Go Natural ?

Posted on Oct 10, 2017 by B&B

Why is it important to use natural cosmetic products ?

What’s wrong with the daily products that we find over the counter in the supermarkets or the pharmacies?

Are they really harmful?

Well, first of all we should know that our skin is our largest organ in our body. Anything we put on it i.e. shampoo, body wash, lotion , scrub etc. gets absorbed by our skin and some goes into our blood stream.

Many of the cosmetic products we find today are manufactured inside laboratories using different kinds of synthetics and harmful chemicals. The chemicals used in these products get absorbed by our bodies. These chemicals cause various kinds of disruption including organs toxicity, allergies, reproductive issues and some have even been linked with cancer. Yieks !!

I wouldn’t want that in my body, would you ???

What kind of chemicals are we talking about:

  • Parabens: This chemical can be found in many shampoos, lotions and makeups. It can be absorbed through both the skin and the blood. This chemical is known for disrupting hormones functions and causing breast cancer.
  • Phthalates: This chemical can cause birth defects for children and it can disrupt the endocrine.
  • Triclosan: Found in many cosmetic products, is linked directly to hormone disruption.
  • Fragrance: It may make things smell really good, but at the risk of damaging the immune system.
  • Benzophenone & Oxybenzone: This is used for UV blocking properties. Well great, however this chemical can cause cancer and skin eczema.

These are some of many other chemicals being used in the cosmetics industry.

So what should be done then ?

I am a huge advocate of going back to nature, in everything we do. I believe God created things in a balanced way that insures our prosperity and well-being. It is when we interfere with nature that illness happens.

Our skin is not supposed to absorb all these man made harsh chemicals. These are read as toxins that create a burden on our bodies, that our body is continuously trying to get rid of.

While going back to nature and using products that our bodies can actually read and understand helps keep us healthy and balanced.

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