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Vanilla Blossom Perfume Roll On

By: Acorelle

KWD : 8.500

This perfume roll-on with patchouli essential oil and Peru balsam is soothing and gives you a sense of security.

The massage ball multiplies the effects of the essential oils, positively impacting your emotions to increase your well being.

Vanilla is a subtle, yet prominent scent that combines with patchouli for an oriental fragrance. The perfume is made from grain alcohol and contains essential oils that are 100% organically grown. The scent of each fragrance is individually tailored.

Top notes: mimosa
Heart: balsam of Peru
Base notes: vanilla, patchouli

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Alcohol [1]Centaurea Cyanus (Flower) Water [2]Perfume (Fragrance)Benzyl AlcoholBenzyl BenzoateBenzyl CinnamateCinnamyl Alcohol 100% natural ingredients 90% certified organic ingredients

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