Natural Bamboo Toothbrush For Adults

By: WooBamboo

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As the top seller, WooBamboo’s Soft bristled bamboo toothbrushes are not only dentist-approved, but also Mother Nature recommended. WooBamboo’s Super Soft bristled bamboo toothbrushes are designed for the eco-minded consumer that prefers a gentler bristle. They are either suffering from sensitivity issues, or simply like the lighter, cloud-like softness this particular brush provides. WooBamboo’s Medium bristled toothbrushes are designed for the eco-minded consumer that prefers a slightly stiffer bristle. They like the harder, more aggressive feel this particular bristle strength provides. Like all Woobamboo brushes, they tout a beautiful handle made from a single piece of carved, naturally-grown bamboo, containing no toxins, glues, or paints.

The handle of this toothbrush is made from Moso bamboo that is sustainably harvested and naturally anti-microbial. It is coated in a natural, insect based wax (similar to a beeswax). For the bristles, we use one of the dental industry’s highest quality dental-grade nylon bristles. This toothbrush is non-toxic, BPA free, and phthalate free. The handle is compostable/biodegradable and the bristles are recyclable. The packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

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WooBamboo’s Slim handle toothbrush is a slightly thinner version of the best-selling soft bristle version, with a slimmer head design, and thinner handle. It’s designed for smaller mouths.


ecommendations for use: The bamboo toothbrush is used like a normal toothbrush. After brushing your teeth, let it dry in a dry place. 


t’s not quite a toothbrush, but also not quite a toothpick – It’s a brush pick! The perfect on-the-go companion, our bamboo-handled interdental brush picks are tougher than floss and reusable! Featuring over 95% biodegradable components, helping to keep your smile and the planet sparkling clean

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