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Multi Purpose Hydration For lips , face , and body

By: S.W.Basics

KWD : 7.750

“Salve” may be one of those words that, the more you say, the weirder it sounds, but our Certified-Organic Salve makes all the sense in the world. It’s rich and protective, totally vegan, and is the ultimate, do-it-all blend of uber-hydrating organic sunflower oil and organic cocoa butter with naturally extracted vegan carnauba wax.

Packaged in a ridiculously handy tin, it’s great on chapped lips, dry knuckles, itchy elbows, peeling cuticles and other stubborn dry spots. We added 100% pure rose geranium essential oil because it also aids in healing dry, aggravated skin, and it smells so. darn. good.

How to use: Apply to wherever you have extra thirsty skin.

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Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Carnauba Wax, Organic Geranium Essential Oil

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