All Day Face Mist

By: My Skin Solus

8.500 KWD

The best of Korean natural skincare

* Next-generation soothing solution to increase protection on your skin and add a temporary soothing to lower skin temperature

* This mist quickly soothes sensitive skin from daily irritations like environmental stressors such as wearing a mask and fine dust

* It also helps to restore the skin’s defense system

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  1. Facial Mist Moisturizing all day cerapyome Helps the skin cope with irritation and stress from the impact of negative factors of urban lifeSolar radiation, contaminated air, long wearing mask and so on.
  2. Once applied to the skin reduces the temperature and redness of the skin, and also prevents excess release of sebum. Since mist contains 8 multihyaluronic acids, Its effect provides deep hydration of the skin.

  3. Soft creamy formula mist instantly provides Nutrition of the skin with ceramics cerapyome. This is an advanced patented ceramic, creating an ideal environment on the skin for useful bacteria.

  4. Mist is absorbed into the skin, leaving no traces on its surface.


You can use immediately after washing the face, at any time of the day, when you want to moisturize the skin, before applying makeup. Shake the bottle carefully. Keep the bottle 15-25 cm away from the face. Close your eyes and spray it right on your face.


The post shave mist has aloe vera, niacinamide, allantoin, tea tree, tomato, neem, licorice and mushroom extract, and glycerin

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