Intimate Care

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  • Blossom Organics Natural Lubricant

    Blossom Organics Natural Lubricant

    KWD 6.250

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  • Organic Flowers Feminine Cleanser

    Organic Flowers Feminine Cleanser

    KWD 8.500

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  • Organic Flowers Feminine Mist

    Organic Flowers Feminine Mist

    KWD 6.750

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  • Intimate Oil

    Intimate Oil – h o l i ( s e x )

    KWD 15.500

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  • organic lube

    Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

    KWD 6.150

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  • feminine wash

    Balance Moisturizing Wash – Travel Size

    KWD 3.750

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  • Feminine Wash

    PH balanced Personal Wash

    KWD 6.00

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  • Moisturizing Lubricant

    Restore Moisturizing Vaginal Gel and Lubricant

    KWD 8.750

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